This list is what is planned, what will be in TolkChat. This list is not yet implemented.
  • Choose your own font.
  • Show a list of connected clients
  • Fire autocorrect on enters
16-10-2020 - Bugfixes and updates
  • Schedule a document to start at a later time
  • Created a download link. Click it to show the entire text you've sent!
  • We're on Discord! Click here to join:
13-05-2020 - Bugfixes and updates
  • Fixed a bug that would cause slowdown in larger texts. As a result of the fix, when you start typing everything before the last 9000 characters will be stored in memory but not visible. Reloading will show the text, until you start typing again. This does not affect sending text to clients.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause "null" to appear at the start of texts.
  • New autocorrect entries cannot be left blank.
  • Fixed an edge case where a new Categorie wouldn't save any autocorrects.
  • Captioner page now sorts F9 autocorrects as well.
  • Category delete now shows a confirmation message.
07-05-2020 - Bugfixes and updates
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a slowdown in the text when using a very large document.
  • When creating a new category and immediately saving a new autocorrect, it will now save the autocorrect.
  • Client-side font-size is now properly saved and restored on loading.
  • switched the buttons for options and popout, so options is always in the far corner.
  • Captioner editor is now full-size again.
  • Indentation on enters are ignored. Every sentence will always begin at the start of a new line, even if the last sentence starts with a tab.